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SWOT Soccer

The Superstar Women Over Thirty (SWOT) is a recreational women's soccer program for women over thirty years old. The program is designed for women of all skill levels from beginner to superstar! No prior soccer skills or experience are necessary, just the will and determination to get up on Sunday mornings to have fun, develop soccer skills, and enjoy the positive rapport with your fellow teammates.

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Here are some of the basics that SWOT players can expect from a really recreational league:

  • Fun and camaraderie, feeling like a welcomed and important member of the team
  • Equal playing time unless you require additional breaks or extended resting
  • Positive feedback from teammates who build on each other's strengths
  • Players will express frustrations in a constructive manner
  • SWOT will be a fun experience by keeping overly competitive attitudes in check that players of all skill levels will pass the ball to players of all skill levels
  • No aggressive play or language on the field or sidelines
  • All other qualities associated with recreational play

To reduce frustration levels all around, competitive players are encouraged to join non-recreational soccer leagues.

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  • Games are played on Sunday mornings. Usually, starting at 10:00 am
  • Includes at least 14 Regular Season games of 90 minutes each, starting after the Victoria Day holiday weekend in May
  • 2 round-robin playoff games with 35 minute halves and a final playoff game with 45 minute halves
  • All games are played on Ajax designated fields

Please refer to the maps and schedules page for dedtails.

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Equal playing time on the field is critical to maintain the integrity of SWOT’s recreational philosophy.

Coaches, team captains or coordinators are expected to ensure that there is equal playing time for all players during each game. Unless players specifically request additional breaks or extended resting periods due to their fitness level or other personal needs, they should get equal playing time.

If this is not happening, players are asked to first discuss with the coach, captain or coordinator and if there is no action, then please advise someone on the SWOT committee for follow-up. Don’t wait until the end of season survey to mention it!

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The referees will be assigned through the DRSA referee program. Referee Coordinator, will act as SWOT liaison. All referees have OSA qualifications to ref full fields.

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All SWOT players are registered with the Durham Region Soccer Association (DRSA) and OSA. Therefore, players are covered by the OSA insurance if they are injured during one of the SWOT league games or Cup days. All insurance information is available in the OSA web site ( . Click on the "organization" title and follow the path : administration - insurance. The link is


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  • Players should wear their team jersey, black shorts, black socks and shin guards.
  • Proper rubber studded soccer shoes are recommended. Socks must cover the full shin-guard.
  • Jerseys will be provided by the league. Cost is included in registration fee.
  • Players will need to provide their own black soccer shorts and black socks, shin pads, water bottles, bags, shoes/cleats, and fans.

See Outdoor season rules for more details.

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Coaches will be required to record the attendance on the game sheets. Periodically, teams play without subs or without a full team (11 players) due to summer vacations, etc. Coaches are encouraged to address attendance issues through regular communication with team members.

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Players and coaches are expected to embrace the non-competitive SWOT approach to soccer. The SWOT program is a recreational venue providing an easy-going, fun environment, while at the same time giving those muscles a good workout. If you are looking for an aggressive, must-win soccer venue, then you need to keep searching for an appropriate program suitable to your competitive needs.

Players and coaches are encouraged to show sportsmanship to each other and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy this league. In the event that the committee believes that this is not occurring, repeated offenders may be asked to leave the SWOT league.

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  • Teams are balanced based upon player self-ratings on the registration form and independent ratings conducted during the previous year’s season.
  • Teams are established using a draw. Players are allowed to have “One Matched Special” request. This information should be included in the registration form. The policy is as follows: Player A may request to play with ONE (1) other player (Player B). Player B can also request to play with ONE (1) other player but it must be Player A. If not, then it is not considered a Matched Special Request and will not be considered.

Please note that SWOT is unable to 100% guarantee matched special requests if team balancing is compromised.

More information is included in the Team Formation document posted under policies and procedures

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Game sheets must be filled at every game by coaches or coordinators. This will be sent to the required SWOT Committee member.

Schedules and Standings will be posted on the web site.

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The awards ceremony is held the same date as the final games. All registered players and coaches are welcome. Location is notified accordingly.

The awards ceremony will be immediately followed by the end-of-season dance. All SWOT players and coaches will enjoy complementary tickets to the dance. Guests will need to pay an admission cost.

Please note that this is not a banquet. However, substantial munchies and light buffet will be made available.

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The Superstar Women Over Thirty (SWOT) soccer program will have its annual Outdoor Canadian Cancer Fundraising Cup Day on the May long-weekend Monday (Victoria Day). This will allow you to meet some of your teammates and /or other fellow players.

It is a fun day to enjoy soccer and spend some time with your family and at the same time contribute to the community and a great cause.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate SWOT Committee member listed in "Contact Us".


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