General Information

SWOT Soccer

Welcome to our COVID modified indoor soccer season!

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    • Fall Session includes 8 games starting Sunday, November 1, 2020
    • Game duration is 2-25 minutes halves.
    • Games are played on Sunday afternoon, 12:15-1:15pm
    • Indoor games are played on turf at the Pickering Soccer Dome. Location details are included in the schedule. Location is the same every week
    • Substitutions are done on the fly.

    Please refer to the maps and schedules page for details.

    To prevent injury, players are encouraged to show up early to stretch and warm up prior to the game.

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    • No jerseys provided for the session.
    • Players must bring a white & black tshirt each week.
    • If you are switched from one team to another for balancing purposes, you must return your old-team jersey when you get your new-team jersey (either to a SWOT member or your Team Captain)
    • Shin pads and non-metal cleats are a must.

    See Indoor season rules for more details

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    Team Coordinators will be required to record the attendance on the weekly team sheets.

    Team Coordinators are encouraged to address attendance issues through regular communication with team members. If the Team Captain identifies a need to add a player to their team, SWOT can do so from the waiting list if required, with balancing being taken into account.

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    Teams are balanced based upon player self-ratings on the registration form and independent ratings conducted during the previous year’s season. Teams are established using a draw.

    Players are allowed to have “One Matched Special” request. This information should be included in the registration for. The policy is as follows; Player A may request to play with ONE (1) other player (Player B). Player B can also request to play with ONE (1) other player but it must be Player A. If not, then it is not considered a Matched Special Request and will not be considered.

    Please note that SWOT is unable to 100% guarantee matched special requests if team balancing is compromised.

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    There will be no refs for the indoor season. Games will be friendlies and controlled by the players. Everyone should respect each others calls and play fairly.

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    All SWOT players are registered with the Durham Region Soccer Association (DRSA) and OSA. Therefore, players are covered by the OSA insurance if they are injured during one of the SWOT league games or Cup days. All insurance information is available in the OSA web site ( Click on the "organization" title and follow the path : administration - insurance. The link is

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    The Superstar Women Over Thirty (SWOT) soccer program will have its annual Indoor Canadian Cancer Fundraising Tournament/All-Star Game Day - TBD.

    It is a fun day to enjoy soccer and spend some time with your family and at the same time contribute to the community and a great cause.

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    The awards ceremony is held the same date as the final games. All registered players will enjoy complementary tickets. Guests will need to pay an admission cost.

    Please note that this is not a banquet. However, munchies and light buffet will be made available.

    If you have any questions, please contact a SWOT Committee member. If you have a compliment or complaint, please complete the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down form and send to our general e-mail at

    Good luck everyone, and here's to another great indoor season!

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